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Guardiola de Berguedà brought together extreme nature guides from around the world

The Wilderness Guides Association organized various workshops on first aid, search for people and survival in extreme situations for professionals, through its partner school EWES (European Wilderness Education School)

The main international association of guides for wild environments, the Wilderness Guides Association (WGA), has organized its annual congress in Guardiola de Berguedá. The meeting took place between October 20 and 23 at Cal Companyó. This event brought together professional guides from countries such as Finland, Holland, Russia, Catalonia and the rest of the State.


Activities and instructors

Among the instructors of the day, the names of adventurers of international prestige and experts in the most extreme techniques of survival, animal tracking, search for people, first aid and orientation without navigation instruments stand out. Several of the instructors who will direct the activities are dedicated to the training of police forces, elite military and rescue and emergency teams, in addition to taking the most daring clients to the most inhospitable corners of the earth. They are Gerard van den Berg, Jaakko Heikka, Carlos Vico, Jose María Galán and Ramon Dies, among others. Those attending the event were able to participate in various workshops that recreated real situations and that put their ability to adapt and respond to the test.




Activities open to the press

Some of the most spectacular workshops took place on Friday, October 21st. They consisted, on the one hand, in the tracking of fauna and searching for people, and in the afternoon a simulation of four rescue and first aid cases was carried out. The journalists were able to see live the ability to react in the face of unexpected cases in extreme situations.



Wilderness Guides Association (WGA)

The WGA is the international entity that recognizes and certifies the aptitude of specialized guides in wild environments, who work in remote locations such as the Arctic, deserts or the taiga. They are professionals dedicated to the organization of adventure trips without contact with civilized environments for several weeks, with a requirement adapted to the capacity of the expedition members. The guides that are part of this organization are governed by a strict Code of Ethics that commits them to respect the natural environment and indigenous cultures. Among the activities of the WGA, the annual conferences that the entity organizes through the associated schools stand out, such as the one that will take place this year in Catalonia. Last year it was held in the Netherlands and next year it will take place in Finland. In 2018 in Canada.