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Hello everybody!

This Easter we have visited some of the places in the Ariège where our journey “Tracks of Fire and Fog” runs. The beech forests on the north side, where a bear wanders from time to time, are also beautiful now, still stripped of their leaves, which lie on the ground, completely covering it with a very spongy coppery carpet. Everywhere the water overflows from the earth, fountains, springs, rivers and ravines let the water run.

The meadows of the valleys have a revitalizing green, and the birds are already beginning to sing. Meanwhile, on the peaks, the snow still interrupts the steps on the hills, which will open shortly.

We have greeted the guards of the Gite l’Escolan. L ‘Escolan was the old village school, built in 1906, now completely renovated and converted into a great warm and comfortable accommodation. Located in a small village in the town of Ustou, in Bidous, in a natural and wild area where you will find yourself in a true haven of peace.

riu Alet davant el refugi

Jean-Charles and Pauline  are a welcoming couple, who run a beautiful house on the outskirts of town, next to the river. A place surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with a large outdoor garden where you can relax and enjoy the good weather, and a cozy living room with its fireplace to do the same if the weather is not good.

jardi l'escolan

We loved the food, the local cheese, which Jean brought to the table, is very good. The one I liked the most was the curing (spectacular, I almost cried), and the house wine … The desserts Pauline prepares are delicious, too!

It has double rooms and rooms for groups, with heating, all with their own bathroom and shower. With sheets and duvets.

For those who cannot unhook from technology, there is free Wi-Fi.

This Gite has 22 beds, and we have chosen it as the refuge to spend the night during the route. I hope you enjoy it as much as us!


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Sarek National Park is a remote place, beyond the polar circle, that belongs to Swedish Lapland.

A natural paradise, little touched by the hand of man, although in their lands the Sami have lived or traveled more or less permanently for centuries.


Sarek is not only a beautiful alpine landscape, but also a Sami cultural treasure worth discovering. Sarek is known to be a demanding and challenging place for people entering its territory due to its few marked roads, and any other infrastructure such as bridges or shelters (guarded or unguarded).

The mountaineers who immerse themselves in it take responsibility for themselves and their decisions, they are exposed to the weather, the wind, the snow and … their emotions. They will be far from … Everything.

What? Just thinking about it your heart starts to pound and you feel an irrepressible desire to feel that wind on your face, right?


That’s it. Traveling to the heart of Sarek is traveling towards a sense of freedom that you may not have felt before in your life. Be careful because it hooks, when you come back you will no longer be the same or the same. Your priorities may change.


Do you dare to come? You don’t have to do it alone. Let us guide you. We will teach you its secrets, we will cross its heart from end to end, we will guide your steps and we will be by your side when you need us: at river crossings, on snow bridges, when you feel overwhelmed by the weight of the landscape or loneliness. And we will leave you space, when you need to grow or just be.


Traveling to Sarek is not complicated. Despite being remote, it has several well-connected accesses. Another reason why I love the place is because of the possibility of always traveling by public transport. You do not need to rent private vehicles and even the plane is expendable, to some extent. The plane may be necessary to get to the country’s capital Stockholm, for example. From the same airport it is possible to take the train to travel on a night train to Gällivare (saving you a second plane to Lulea for example, and a hotel night). From the same train station in Gällivare the bus leaves for different entrances to the park. Everything connected, everything in sync. It’s great!


If you want to know more about the park, do not stop reading our trip.

Here are some photos so you know what awaits you, although the photos never do justice!


The adventures that we lived there, we do not tell you. We prefer that you experience them by your own. We are going from August 25 to September 5, are you coming?