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Managing Director

  • Mountain Leader, a member of the AEGM accredited UIMLA,
  • Canyoning guide and Via Ferrata
  • kayaking /raftpacking guide
  • Wilderness Guide, (Cold & Hot environments) accreditation WGA
  • WGA Tier 2 Guidance on the Polar/Arctic Ecoregion.
  • Expedition Guide
  • Interpreter guide of the Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park
  • Interpreter of Tracks & Signs Level 2 accreditation CyberTracker
  • Yacht Captain

His father and grandfather taught him to love mountains of the Pyrenees, now considers his home. At age 12, a hemp rope from his grandfather, a makeshift harness, a newly purchased carabiner and a pair of socks on his hands made his first rappel from the wall of the village church … (The chaplain was not). And so it began. He is passionate about the wilderness, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring.

He has led large trips and expeditions from America (Peru, USA and Canada), through the Alps and the High Atlas, and ending with Ladahk (Indian Himalaya) and Yamalia (Russian Arctic), among others.

Since 2014 he is training courses director related to snow and avalanches accredited ACNA.

For him, leadering is not a job, it is his passion. Where each expedition is a unique experience to discover and share. And respect for the environment, nature and local cultures mark the way of living your life experience trying beaming with joy. All with utmost professionalism and providing the highest possible safety.



  • Mountain Leader
  • Climbing Guide
  • Snowboard Guide
  • Entertainment Boat Captain (P.E.R.)

Lisi decides graduate as climbing guide and mountain leader after more than 20 years in the world of rockwalls and mountains.

Although her family was sportslovers, they essentially practiced sailing. Lisi got the best of this education, and went to the mountains. Sport climbing and snowboard competition took her time and dedication for years, but eventually she decided to move to the Pyrenees and leave that world, which gave her the freedom and closeness to the wilderness and  mountains she really wanted.

Traveling was her goal for many seasons, and after some time, she began to get her degrees … and finally make the leadering and guiding  her profession.





Cultural Guide

  • Universitary Degree in Circumpolar Studies
  • Degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (UB)

Miguel Angel is travelling to remote and isolate places of Siberia and The Arctic since 2006.

In 2011 he was spending the Tsagaan Sar – the Mongolian Lunar New Year – in Khatgal village, living with local people in a Mongolian Ger, when he came up with the idea of publishing a book about Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic and Siberia.

​In 2012, he joined the University of the Arctic to study a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, where he specialized in Indigenous Peoples of Siberia. The same year, The Unknown Siberia and The Unknown Arctic projects were created.

​Mainly focused on Indigenous Peoples, Miguel Angel has been travelling accross Siberia for the last 10 years, visiting places like the Altai Republic, Tomsk Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Irkutsk Oblast, Buryatia Republic, Khövsgöl Province, Kamchatka Krai, Sakha Republic, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Tyumen Oblast, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Komi Republic, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug,…


Anthropologist and cultural guide

  • Graduated in Ethnology and Anthropology at the Moscow University (Lomonosov)

Misha, spent his childhood and youth in Siberia, before going to study in Moscow. He currently lives on horseback between Chukotka and Lithuania.

As an ethnologist and field anthropologist, he has accumulated great experience in regions of Siberia, Mongolia and the Amazon.

He has written several scientific articles about different ethnic groups of hunters and nomads of these regions.

He studied the kinship lines of the Siberian natives, creating genealogical trees for further global genetic research.

Today, the main research area refers to small ethnic groups of hunters and nomads and their contacts with post-industrial society, the influence of tourism development on the traditional way of life.

Misha  has created several travel programs in Chukotka, Mongolia and the Baikal, for professionals (photographers from National Geographic, film crews for television documentaries and scientists)

It is a privilege to be able to count on the team with Misha, who will guide some of our expeditions and great trips on the ground. No one better than him to teach us about that wild and distant land. A bridge to meet ancient cultures, peoples that are a treasure of humanity and what dangers and challenges await them.

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First a guide is someone who loves his profession and loves what he does, which has made the mountains and nature your workplace, your office.

The guide has a long experience accumulated over the years as an amateur, which allows it to tackle the training of professional guide.

A tour guide is a middle-level sports training with a skill, a acquired skills, a working method, rigorously studied, which differentiate it from other amateur climbers and tour guides.

A mountain guide is a professional, while receiving financial remuneration and acquires certain responsibilities.

Is part of the work of guidance, advise students and clients. Staying physically fit, be informed of the latest techniques and technicians, new materials … Retraining progress. Manage risks effectively, canceling own and each participant subjective hazards and minimizing the objective dangers inherent in the natural environment and that will never disappear, being a complex and changing environment.

The mountain guide must be a good teacher, with ability to relate, empathize and understand the needs of each person. Able to motivate, dilute doubts and fears, sharing their joys.


He is a professional with experience in organizing expeditions in remote locations. Also:

It has accredited skills in first aid in remote locations (WFA certification).
Know their possibilities and limitations, and their responsibilities to their customers and with nature.
Able to make risk assessments, security plans and provide solutions to problems from a variety of activities in different environments and can thus guide a group in remote areas.


In addition to accompany you on your sporting challenges, it can help in logistics and advice of great trips and expeditions, make decisions in difficult situations and to ensure your safety. On the other hand, it can teach you the skills and knowledge required in the different areas in which they are specialists, through training and supervised counseling.

It has a special concern and curiosity to continue learning and learning in the different facets of their profession and the natural environment that surrounds it. He will be happy to pass on their knowledge.


1.- About Us.
AMAROQ EXPLORERS is a registered trademark, which represents Ramon Dies Miracle, Mountain Leader & Expeditions. It is not a travel agency. Travel, expeditions offered, are handled through your travel agent confidence, X-PLORE EXPEDITIONS SERVICES S.L. residing in Habana Vieja 13 4-3 08860 Castelldefels, CIF B63934277 and CIC_____ licensed, registered in the trade register of Barcelona (Tomo 37864, Folio 153 Sheet B 315931S)

This web indicates duration, itinerary, price, supplements, minimum group and travel services / expeditions designed by Amaroq Explorers.

Booking any travel whose technical organization to carry out Amaroq Explorers and managed by X-Plore, implies acceptance of these terms, which are considered automatically incorporated into the contract, without it being necessary to written in the same transcript as well as the fulfillment of the requirements established therein.

Philosophy and commitment: Our commitment is to offer our professionalism and our knowledge of the terrain to make each issue an unforgettable and unique experience. We do not want to claim to be perfect nor guarantee not encounter any problems during your trip / expedition. In our experience the perfect trip does not exist. we are committed to prevent and resolve any problems that arise. Meet your needs and goals is our main objective. We believe that a trip is nothing without a cordial relationship between staff and the participant. His confidence in Amaroq Explorers and X-plore and our willingness to listen and respond to your needs is the key to success.

Respect for the Environment and Cultures: Our “playing field” is nature, often in places little or no intervention by man. We love our planet and we want to preserve it as such, trying to leave the least impact behind us. That is why we ask you to respect and love her as we do. Your suggestions and comments are welcome. With regard to regulation, some national parks have special regulations that may limit or condition some of the activities. Good communication with the guide is essential. Check with your guide before doing anything that could have an impact on the environment, filming or photographing the local population, etc. Let us respect nature and culture so that our dreams last over time.

2.- Reservations, registrations, price and forms of payment.
Inscriptions. The information contained in the descriptions of the expeditions that is provided and that are available on this website, have a generic nature, and therefore, there may be non-significant variations in their content such as those that result from the adaptation of the planned services to existing availability. In the final documentation of the trip and the travel contract that is signed between us and the participant, this information will be specified with the definitive details about the route, itineraries, flights, price and services included in the chosen trip / expedition.

Bookings. As a general rule, it will be considered enrolled in the expedition when the participant until deposited 40% of the total amount of the trip / expedition, not considering any committed place until said deposit is made. The remaining 60% must be paid at least thirty (30) calendar days before the departure date of the trip / expedition, considering, otherwise, that the client voluntarily withdraws the reservation, the conditions provided in the section of Cancellation of the expedition.

The percentage of the reservation may vary according to the nature of the trip / expedition due to the contracting conditions with external providers, a higher or lower amount may be required according to conditions, said percentage will be communicated at the time of making the reservation to the client.

The response will be effective within 48 hours. It is very important to attach the following information:

Registration form filled out correctly
Declaration of acceptance conditions
Copy of the reservation deposit
Prices. Prices are based on rates and currency exchange based on EURO and other currencies. The prices published on the site also include the services included in the description of the trip and applicable taxes (VAT). Prices are subject to possible modifications such as in cases of increase in the currency exchange rate, increase in transport rates (tickets, fuel cost, internal transport, car rental, etc.), payment of applicable fees and taxes, etc. . Xplore will inform at all times of any price revision prior to the scheduled date of the trip / expedition.

If the modification made exceeds 15% of the expected price, the participant may cancel the trip without any penalty, or accept the modification (see section Modifications). In no case will the prices be revised upwards in the twenty days prior to the departure date of the trip, with respect to the registrations already made and confirmed.

IMPORTANT: The price does NOT include the cost of visas, taxes, vaccination certificates, extras and, in general, any service not specified as “included”, unless otherwise agreed.

Payment Methods. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or credit card. The participant will be issued a receipt justifying the collection of said amount for the concept indicated as the reservation of the trip / expedition.

3.- Modifications:
Modifications made before the trip. We will inform the participant about any eventual relevant alteration in the planning of the trip / expedition, complementary information as well as those modifications before the start of the trip / expedition that could increase the price of the trip / expedition significantly (more than 15% final price) so that the participant can choose to accept the supplement or to withdraw from the reservation or the contract (if it has been formalized), these modifications being reflected in the specific program that will be developed for each trip / expedition, delivering a copies to each participant, and that, together with the general conditions established herein, act as a definitive contract.

IMPORTANT Modifications made by us during the trip. The trips / expeditions organized by Amaroq Explorers run mainly in “adventure” terrain where last minute inconveniences, incidents, changes in conditions, etc. frequently arise, so the nature, objective and duration of the trip / expedition may be altered and / or there are modifications during the trip / expedition, especially when the safety of the participants cannot be perfectly guaranteed or prevent the achievement of the programmed activities and / or the purpose and objectives of the trip / expedition (bad weather conditions, bad road condition, changing snow and ice conditions, slippery terrain, avalanches, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc). During our expeditions, we guarantee the organization, planning and logistics but not the success of the activity, which is obviously linked to the capacity of our clients and the immediate circumstances of the environment. In those cases in which climatic, logistical or occupancy conditions prevent the normal development of planned activities. Amaroq Explorers will inform the participant about these supervening conditions and in collaboration with the participants will work to find the most suitable alternatives to the purpose and objectives of the trip / expedition set by the participant. In no event will Amaroq Explorers be liable for such incidents when they are independent of its will.

IMPORTANT: The decision of one of our guides to interrupt or alter an activity must be respected by the participants. Amaroq Explorers prioritizes the safety of the client above all, so the decision and the choice of the guide are irrevocable. Amaroq Explorers reserves the right to admit or expel a participant from any activity or expedition at any time if he or she considers that this person is in danger of their safety, that of the group or if their behavior affects the harmony of the group. No refund will be made.

Our expeditions and trips can vary significantly in terms of their technical difficulty. Amaroq Explorers will assist the participant in choosing the objectives based on the technical level and physical condition, but it is important to note that the mountain guide, as the last person in charge, will make the final decisions once the expedition or trip has started.

The height, the constant wind, the extreme temperatures and the eventual poor physical condition of the participant can make it difficult or prevent the summit or the crossing in this type of expedition. Good physical condition, reliable equipment and good acclimatization are the keys to success. Amaroq Explorers and X-plore provide the logistics material for the expedition and the knowledge and experience in the area, but in no case do we guarantee the success of an ascent or journey, which depends entirely on the capabilities of each participant and the weather conditions. and logistics that can vary substantially. The decision made by our guides or coordinators to interrupt an expedition must be respected by all participants. For Amaroq Explorers, the safety of the participant is paramount and therefore the decision and responsibility of the guide are irrevocable. The physical or psychological exhaustion of one of the participants may, in some cases, force the guide to suspend the ascent to the top or crossing of all participants. This must be accepted from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings. Being our goal to fulfill your dream, we offer you greater flexibility. The contacts that are established between you and your expedition companions are positive points in any type of expedition.

Individual Supplements: The cost of the individual supplement refers to a single room.

Meals: The meals included are those that appear in the contracted program. In cases where the program does not include a cook, the food in the camps will be prepared by the travelers themselves.

Accommodation: Accommodation in adventure terrain can be difficult. Sometimes it may mean sleeping in local homes where hot water and / or electricity are NOT guaranteed. During expeditions, accommodation is usually in two / three-seater tents. The participant understands and accepts that accommodation conditions may vary significantly depending on the country, weather conditions, logistics, etc. No claims will be accepted nor will the refund of money correspond in cases where the accommodation is of a lower quality than the one originally reserved due to incidents that occurred during the expedition. The best guarantee of obtaining the service of an accommodation is by booking in advance, avoiding as much as possible the busiest dates, such as Christmas or the month of August.

Safety materials: The Amaroq Explorers guide will carry a first aid kit, a rifle when determined by local regulations, a satellite locator, a satellite phone and – where required – a radio beacon and VHF / UHF radio on all trips / expeditions offered by Amaroq Explores. Amaroq Explorers will inform about the necessary clothing and equipment to be able to carry out the programmed activities. However, it is the responsibility of each participant to know in advance and foresee these conditions and to provide themselves with all the materials and clothing necessary to carry out the specific activity. Group and individual technical material is NOT included in the price of the trip / expedition (see , unless this has been previously agreed in the budget, and it is essential that this is detailed in the program that is delivered).

The participant is responsible for the proper use of the security material provided by the organization. He is also responsible for having the necessary materials and equipment, in good condition and the correct use for the contracted trip or expedition.

Philosophy and Client Commitment: A significant number of our programs take place in remote places in countries where the culture, mindset, rules, laws and philosophy of how things are done are radically different from ours. Participants must be aware that this means that they must accept lifestyles very different from their daily ones. They must prepare to experience and live different and unexpected situations. Even with our best will, things can turn out totally differently than expected. In those cases, being positive and having a sense of humor are often the best aids in dealing with them. A behavior, which for the rest, we believe we should always have on an expedition. Amaroq Explorers adventure trips ARE NOT ADAPTED OR RECOMMENDED for people who expect everything to always go as scheduled. With the utmost respect for where we are and for your fellow expeditions, we believe it is important to understand this philosophy and adopt it as your own. Certainly, adventure always involves risk, but risk is relative and exists everywhere. An expedition is also exploration and discovery. Our objective is to help the participant to meet their objectives and respond to their needs, fully assuming our commitment to achieving them. However, it is important to communicate the wishes and difficulties of the participants to the guides as soon as possible. Many times a warning made on time now a lot of time, energy and frustrations not only to the participant but to the entire expedition. Our guides, due to their experience and knowledge, are often the only people who can help you. Do not wait until the end of the circuit to express your concerns, difficulties, suggestions or criticism. Being positive, sincere and communicative is the best attitude to adopt so that our staff can always do more and respond in the best way to your wishes or needs. Be sure you are making the right decision so that we can satisfy you in the best possible way. This expedition is his dream and the Amaroq Explorers team together with X-Plore are here to make it happen.

Insurance Our programs include Civil Liability insurance. Participants are required to obtain travel and / or accident insurance that covers the activity.

Cancellation Insurance: An “cancellation” insurance is mandatory for the participant to receive the money back, in the event of a trip cancellation due to the participant’s withdrawal.

Luggage X-Plore is not responsible for theft, loss of baggage and / or personal effects or damage or deterioration that luggage could suffer while being transported by porters, cargo animals, ship holds, etc. or any other unconventional means during the development of the expedition.

Regarding the transport of luggage by air, sea or river traffic, the conditions of the transport companies apply, the passage ticket being the only binding contract between the aforementioned companies and the participant. In the event of suffering any delay, loss or damage to your luggage, it is recommended to present the appropriate claim to the transport company on the spot (before leaving the airport or port). We advise contracting a specific insurance that covers this contingency.

Overbooking, cancellation or long delay in flights. In cases where the airline company incurs a long delay, it will be responsible for providing assistance and attention to the affected passengers, assuming the costs of meals, calls, transport and overnight stays, if applicable, as established by Regulation CEE 261/04, of common rules on compensation and assistance of air passengers in cases of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay in flights. When the flight is canceled, it will also be obliged to pay the corresponding compensation to the passenger, as well as to reimburse the price of the plane ticket if the passenger chooses this option. When the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, the airline in charge of making the flight will not be obliged to pay the compensation but in any case it must give due assistance and attention to affected passengers and reimburse them the price of the ticket if they choose this option.

As for connection failures between flights, as long as they force to spend the night or make a long wait, the expenses derived from it (accommodation, meals and transport) will be paid by the company that caused the overbooking, cancellation or delay.

Important: when trying to find the cheapest price available, our transport rates are subject to restrictive conditions by the airline, shipping company that implies that unless expressly indicated, no changes or cancellations are allowed. It is not allowed to use the ticket in a way other than what was contracted, including trying to use the return of a flight without having previously used the outbound. Likewise, when the participant individually acquires the transport tickets independently from Xplore, the participant will be responsible for any action derived from said acquisition.

Bodily harm Amaroq Explorers undertakes to advance the money necessary to cover the expenses incurred up to the maximum of the agreed policy. However, we recommend that our clients take out a specific insurance that covers this contingency. If the client prefers not to contract it, Amaroq Explorers will not be obliged to pay any medical expenses.

Expeditions. Due to the particular nature of our expeditions, clients must carefully respect the orders and recommendations of our guide or expedition coordinator. Our expeditions have a physical component and are carried out in contact with nature, which sometimes implies a certain level of risk, and may depend on events and circumstances that Amaroq Explorers cannot control. Amaroq Explorers nor of course X-Plore will not be responsible for accidents or bodily injuries that result from a negligent act on the part of the participant. Likewise, neither Amaroq Explorers nor X-Plore is not responsible, and no refund will be made for a change in schedule or program due to a change in the conditions of the trip or expedition (see reservations, inscriptions, payment methods, modifications ).

We understand that the participant is aware of the effort and commitment that an expedition of these characteristics can entail, carried out for the most part by land, on roads and roads in many occasions in bad conditions, difficulties may arise and being exposed to suffering setbacks and adversities, as they can be among others: weather, breakdowns and various difficult and extreme situations, where fatigue and physical and moral discouragement can be present, both during the road trip sections, walks on foot, skiing, sledding, canoeing, kayaking , on horseback or other means, as well as during the development of the general activity itself. The participant is willing to assume it as part of the content of this expedition.

In those cases where material owned by Amaroq Explorers is provided to participants, the care and maintenance of the materials will be the responsibility of the participants from their delivery to their return to Amaroq Explorers. The participant must pay Amaroq Explorers for the damage, loss or theft of said materials at market price or repair costs.

The participant is aware that they are voluntarily participating in an expedition or trip to a foreign country or countries with characteristics different from their country of origin, traveling and visiting remote, remote, exotic and / or tropical areas with structure and organization, to all levels, different from what you may be used to in your usual life. It is also aware of the risks that it may run, such as, among others: forces of nature, illness, accident, poor living conditions and hygiene, and on some occasions, terrorism, armed violence, crime and other aggressions. Knowing the participant that sometimes it will not be possible to access a rapid evacuation or adequate or total medical assistance. In all these cases, Amaroq Explorers will inform the participant in advance of the existence of said conditions to make the appropriate decisions in collaboration with the participant.

It is important that the traveler assumes that in a group trip and characteristic of adventure, good coexistence, positive attitude, good spirit and tolerance among the members that make up the group and in the face of setbacks and difficulties that may arise, are very important to the smooth running and success of the trip, warning that these coexistence problems may arise. We understand that the participant is aware and assumes that in this type of trip there may be circumstances that imply variations in the itineraries, in the activities, at any time and place due to circumstances that Amaroq Explorers cannot foresee, motivated by the peculiar characteristics of the type of expedition and place in which they unfold.

Amaroq Explorers declines all responsibility for the consequences in which the traveler ignores, contradicts the authority of the guide or the Amaroq Explorers guidelines and / or acts negligently.

We understand that the traveler voluntarily accepts all possible risks and adverse circumstances based on all the above, exempting Amaroq Explorers and X-plore and any of their members or employees from all liability, except as established in the law, for Any event or circumstance that occurs during the trip due to the peculiar characteristics of the areas where it takes place, as situations may occur that are beyond the control of the expedition organization.

In case of being denied entry to the country due to lack of the requirements that are demanded, or a defect in the passport, or for not being a carrier of it, Xplore declines all responsibility for the consequences arising from events of this or similar nature, running for Passenger account for any expenses that may arise, applying in these circumstances the conditions established for the cancellation or voluntary dissent of services or modification, as the case may be.

In the event that it is necessary to send documentation by postal or courier services, Xplore will not contract in any case responsibility for the loss or delay that the sending of these documentation may suffer.

Departures: We recommend the presentation to boarding at the airports two (2) hours before the flight departure. Passengers must confirm with Amaroq Explorers or Xplore, within 48 hours prior to scheduled departure, the following information: meeting place, date, time and flight number.

If this confirmation is not made, Amaroq Explorers and Xplore declines all responsibility in case of alterations to the information given previously, (especially flight schedules, ships, etc.) and the cancellation costs will be those required by the respective providers.

Documentation, visas, health authorizations:
We inform that the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns of the dangers of traveling in many countries of the world, among which some of the destinations that we offer on our website may be included. For more information, visit the website: www.mae.es, bearing in mind that the Ministry’s recommendations may vary at any time.

Due to the permanent variation of the legal requirements to visit certain countries, schedules of means of transport, rates, etc., Amaroq Explorers acts as a mere informer, being the responsibility of the travelers the formalization of the required documentation with the different consular representations, the fulfillment of the sanitary requirements for the realization of the trip, administrative procedures, etc.

Important: the Visa is NOT included in the rates of our programs.

Conditions of Sale and Cancellation
Cancellation: We recommend to your clients the contracting of cancellation insurance in case of illness, death, accident during the preparation of the expedition, etc. In the event that we find ourselves obliged to cancel an expedition for particular reasons, Amaroq Explorers must notify the participant in writing as soon as possible so that they can choose between canceling the reservation or the contract, with the right to a full refund of the amounts paid, or accept the consequences of the modification of the initial trip.

In the event that the client does not communicate his decision in writing within three (3) business days following notification, it will be understood that he opts for the cancellation of the reservation or the contract.

Sufficient causes for the cancellation of the trip are considered cases of force majeure (foreign, abnormal and unpredictable circumstances) and when the minimum number of participants necessary for the trip is not present (See minimum groups). When such circumstances occur, there will be no compensation whatsoever.

In the event that the client opts for the termination, the participant may choose between the full refund of the amounts paid, or in the cases that Amaroq Explorers offers it, carry out another expedition of equivalent or higher quality. If the chosen trip / expedition is of inferior quality, Amaroq Explorers will reimburse the customer for the difference in price.

Minimum groups: Amaroq Explorers will not be able to guarantee the provision of the service in cases where a minimum group of participants is necessary, the cancellation of a participant entails the non-provision of the trip. In these cases Amaroq Explorers will reimburse the total amount of the benefit in the manner provided above. In some cases, the expedition may be operated with fewer people as long as the clients unanimously agree to pay the fixed supplement and / or the modifications in the trip, if applicable, suggested by amaroq Explorers.

The previous penalties and compensation will not apply when the participant subrogates another person in their place, provided that it is possible to carry out said subrogation with external providers and the modification is made more than 5 calendar days before the departure date. Otherwise, Amaroq Explorers will be compensated with 5% of the total price of the trip in addition to the expenses incurred when making the replacement.

Withdrawal of the participant. In the event of cancellation by the participant, the participant will have to compensate Xplore with the payment of management costs, justified cancellation costs incurred by Xplore and external providers (non-refundable airline tickets, penalties for flight cancellation, reservation of accommodation, cash advances to non-refundable external providers, etc.) and a penalty consisting of 15% of the total amount of the trip if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 10 calendar days prior to the start date of the trip, in the 25% if it occurs between 10 and 3 calendar days, 50% if you give up in the previous 48 hours and 100% if you do not show up at the scheduled time for departure. The participant must inform Amaroq Explorers or Xplore of the cancellation as soon as possible so that he can process the cancellation of the activities and services of external providers and the return of the reservations made. In no case may compensation be requested for a financial prejudice or of any other nature.

Injuries, accidents, etc. During the preliminary phase of preparation of the expedition that motivate the withdrawal of the trip by the participant, justifiable causes of force majeure for withdrawal will not be considered, as they are plausible events within the environment of an expedition.

Participants who voluntarily give up the previously contracted activity during their stay will not be entitled to any reimbursement.

For the knowledge of any claim that may be formulated for any reason, both the traveler and the organizing company expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Catalonia with the express waiver of any other outside.

Any communication about reservations, cancellations and / or claims must be sent by certified mail to the following address:

Amaroq explorers

Foneria 21, Bloc B, esc. Dreta, 1-3




or by email support@amaroqexplorers.com