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Advanced Winter High Mountain Survival Course

If you want to push yourself, to know your limits, face your fears and prepare to overcome great adversities in the winter mountain, do not hesitate. This is the course you were waiting for

Carlos Vico dawning somewhere in the Siberian taiga, after surviving to the night cold and wolves (2017)


As a result of the collaboration with Carlos Vico (SurvivalXtreme), an old colleague in formations of the WGA and the first survival instructor I’ve ever had, this course is born.

Survival practices in the French Pyrenees (2013)

This training is designed for people who already have winter survival experience and are seeking a specialization in cold environments. At the same time, it wants to give tools to winter sports practitioners in the high mountains to be able to manage unforeseen situations and danger appropriately, providing them with skills and knowledge, but also and above all, with the appropriate attitude to face a survival situation. In this same course the contents of the STA-1 from Acna ( Safety in Avalanche Terrain) with your accreditation at the end of the course.

Survival can be summed up in three words – never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying. BEAR GRYLLS
Survival practices in the Vall Fosca, Influence area of the Aigüestortes NP (2014)


  • Know what are the reactions and thoughts of oneself in extreme situations.
  • To control the negative thoughts and enhance positive ones to be able to face a survival situation.
  • To acquire useful advanced survival skills and techniques in this environment.
  • To recognize and avoid avalanche terrain.
  • To know how to prepare an outing (BPA, meteorology, etc).
  • To understand the relationship between stratification and avalanche hazard.
  • To learn risk reduction techniques.
  • To learn the basic techniques of self-rescue.
“Man can live forty days without food, three days without water, eight minutes without air, but only one second without hope.” CHARLES DARWIN
Instructor Gerard van den Berg from the WGA and Peter Blokland at the safety point during survival practice in the Baltic Sea during the Arctic Guide Course (2017)

Who is this course for?

Professionals and experienced mountaineers who want to deepen their knowledge and skills, who already have experience in this type of course, where experimentation and putting oneself to the limit in a controlled way is a common occurrence. This time in the atmosphere of the high winter mountains.

Koen Beekman’s apartment during a WGA survival internship in Vercors, French Alps (2016)
“Often the one who manages to survive is not the strongest or the smartest, but the one with the best attitude” RAMON DIES


Three practical days (with 2 nights) where avalanche rescue training will be carried out, as well as different techniques designed to seek individual and group survival in the event of an accident. The theory of snow and avalanches will be given in 2 previous theoretical sessions. With the possibility of doing them on-line.

Survival practices in the Vall Fosca, Influence Zone of the Aigüestortes NP (2015)


Pyrenees. Pallars Jussà. Vall Fosca. Capdella


Snow and Avalanches STA-1 Course (ACNA Safety) in Avalanche Terrain) Survival

  1. Refuge
    1. Individual shelter, plastic bag or tarp.
    2. Snow cave
    3. Trench
    4. Bear cave
    5. Emergency igloo
    6. Group shelter with bonfire
  2. Temperature control
    1. Share temperature
    2. Fire by different means: Matches, magnifying glass, ferrocerium and friction
    3.  Transportation
      1. Manufacture of sled to transport the wounded
      2. Manufacture of emergency snowshoes
  3. Hydration
    1. Ice and snow, how to consume them
  4. Distress signals
    1. Smoke tripod
    2. Sound signals
  5. Makeshift first aid equipment
    1. Hypothermia
      1. Symptoms
      2. Identification of the phases
      3. How to reverse mild hypothermia
    2. Immobilization
    3. Tourniquet
    4. Wounded transport
Entrance of an igloo. Aiguamog Valley, Valh d’Aran (2021)


As soon as COVID and restrictions allow. End of February, beginning of March.


Minimum 4 people – Maximum 7 people

Mates Albert Marsiñach and Juanjo Casado after a great night in a 5-star hotel. Internship of Sports Technicians from IES La Pobla de Segur (2015)


350 € IVA includedIf you are interested and want to know more, contact me through the form: BOTON CONTACTO No dejes de ver este vídeo: INCRUSTAR VIDEO http://