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Hiking & Kayaking in the Mont-rebei gorge

Be impressed by this unique landscape

In these times of uncertainty and also sadness, we try to be proactive and keep a positive outlook on the future. So we continued to generate ideas and create new synergies with local companies and establishments, in order to offer you the best experiences, and indelible memories. The great expeditions to remote regions excite me as sure as to all and sundry but at home we have a territory that is worthy of admiration. A territory where you can live big and small adventures, at the level you want.

This is the experience we offer you today. Come and enjoy an experience that will awaken your senses! Cross with us the Serra de Montsec, where the river Noguera Ribagorçana has created an immense vertical cut, the gorge of Mont-rebei, a spectacular landscape that we will travel both for water and by land, through its gorge. It will leave its mark on you. Let us tell you their secrets.

But this is only part of the experience. Would you like to sleep in haimes, without sacrificing the comfort of a good hotel room? Tasting the best local produce? Enjoying a good DO Costers de Segre wine while sharing a pleasant conversation by the fire? Or in silence, just let yourself be mesmerized by the crackling of the logs and the dancing of the flames.

Contemplate the starry sky, declared a Starlight Sky under UNESCO protection. Your senses will jingle like the stars, until the spirit is filled again with what you have probably lost.

Reconnect with nature  

A way to know and enjoy the territory producing a low environmental impact and contributing to local development, consuming local products.

The activities have many possibilities and can be perfectly adapted to different types of groups. Activities with a more sporty tone, landscape interpretation, family …


We will receive you with a welcome snack, we will explain how the camp works, and while you relax by the fire or contemplating the landscape we will prepare dinner. After enjoying it, under the starry sky we will do the briefing for the next day.

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