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ICELAND: The Land of Fire and Ice

We’re back. This tour organized by X-Plore and guided by Amaroq Explorers along with Eduard Lopez has been a great experience. We can say that we have discovered Iceland as it is: With all its lights and its shadows.
We have accompanied a fantastic  of  CEC ‘s  veterans group   (Center Excursionista de Catalunya), one of the oldest sports clubs in the peninsula, founded in 1876. 14 people with a lot of accumulated experience, iron legs and an eternally young spirit.

On a 12-day trip we toured this island, discovering the precious, wild and unfrequented lands of the North, where we were able to enjoy magnificent landscapes, wildlife watching, warm up motors and legs with solitary excursions, and try some local delicacies like The wild trout, fished 100 meters from where we sleep.

The North and East of Iceland is a land to discover it with tranquility, enjoying the solitude of its corners and its landscapes.

The South is another Iceland. Very spectacular. Scenes from postcard, natural wonders, … from the guides, and it shows. You have to see it, because it’s worth it. At least for now, because we started to fill some of these places with hordes of coaches, tourist attractions, and souvenir shops at astronomical prices. Managing this in the immediate future will be one of the challenges the Icelanders will face.

At the moment, to solve that are the legs. Our CEC friends, after a few days of bearing, put their piles to the guides and visited exceptional places, far from most people, who are left taking photos and activities at the foot of the waterfall, glacier, volcano or hot spring. Excursions some 7 or 8 hours to enjoy the nature with tranquility and to the rhythm of each one.

Next year more and better!!