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Yamalia and The Nenets. The herders of the End of the World. (2nd part)

The Nenets still depend on their traditional clothing, which is made by women. The men wear the malitsa, a cape made of 4 reindeer skins, with the fur closest to the skin on the inside and the leather on the outside. It wears a hood and mittens integrated into the suit itself. When the cold is extreme, they still wear another garment on top: the gus, which carries the leather part on the inside and the skin on the outside. A man is then able to stay outside all night and sleep with the herd, at temperatures below 50 ° C below zero. The women wear the yagushka, which has a double layer of fur, made from 8 reindeer skins and is tied in the front. Finally, both men and women wear boots that reach their hips, with an inner layer (tobaki) and the outer boot (kisy).


It is curious that when clothes are too old or in very bad condition, they do not throw them away, but take them to the forest and hang them from a tree, because they believe it will be useful in the next life.

treball dona nenet

The Nenets’ home is the chum, a space where they live and work, made of course by reindeer skins, which are placed on a structure of long wooden poles, many of which have a special position and are not interchangeable. In general, in each chum, a family lives, and the number of chums depends on the size of the camp. The place chosen to settle always depends on the available resources: pastures, water and wood for the fire; but also of their beliefs. When the head of the family finds the right place, he sticks the khorei, the reindeer-driving staff, into the ground: that will be the center of the chum.

chum desfet

The space inside and outside the chum is always distributed in the same way. Sleds and caravans are arranged in semicircles around the chum, with the sleds for provisions and women’s belongings located in front of or near the door, where it is also their workplace. Men’s things are left in the back, which is where they usually work too. Finally, the sacred sleigh is always placed at the back of the chum, and pointing to its center, The “toilets” are located far from the camp, and the men are separated from the women.

secred sled

They often take a stick to relieve themselves, it is worth doing the same as them … It turns out that the reindeer find the salt in their urine irresistible and if you don’t pay attention, you can be absolutely surrounded !!!!

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